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"BLOOD in BLOOD out" Bound by Honor
vatos locos gang

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BLOOD in BLOOD out, Bound by Honor
Movie Info:


Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller




Taylor Hackford


Damian Chapa, Jesse Borrego, Benjamin Bratt, Enrique Castillo, Victor Rivers,

Art Dept:

Set Decoration:
Cecilia Rodarte
Lead Man:
Gene Bishop
On-set Dresser:
Don Smith

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Bound by Honor, Blood In Blood Out: Video Box Graphic from the Movie Bound by Honor, Blood In Blood Out, Vatos Locos, Bound by Honor a gangster movie with the gang Vatos Locos.

Bound by Honor, BLOOD in BLOOD out: Video Box Graphic from the Movie "BLOOD in BLOOD out" Bound by Honor

BLOOD in BLOOD out, Bound by Honor Plot Summary:

This movie depicts the gang wars in Californian jails during the 1980s. The half-brothers Paco and Cruz grow up together with their cousin Miklo in one of the lesser districts of L.A. When Miklo more or less accidentally kills another guy in a gang fight, he has to go to jail in St. Quentin, where he soon starts a career in a drug connection. Meanwhile Paco joins the police and returns to the district as a determined officer in the vice squad. When Miklo is released on probation after 9 years, but keeps working for his gang, he soon clashes with Paco.

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Don Smith, On-Set Dresser Comments:
Although I worked on numerous gangster "gangsta rap " movie videos BLOOD in BLOOD out, Bound by Honor (Bound by Honor working title) staring the infamous Vatos Locos was the only gangster movie I ever worked on; it seemed like I was the only one on the crew that didn't have a tattoo.

I was the onset dresser for the second unit camera movie crew. We shot this movie on locations around Los Angeles and in various gangs' territories. Our gang was the Vatos Locos but since we were shooting in other gangs' neighborhoods "hoods" all of the graffiti and gang tags were made by other gangs. Vatos Locos of course had all their own gangsta stuff like their own gang tag and gangsta tattoos and drug paraphernalia like dope pipes. . The Art Department would come into a location before we would shoot and cover over the other gangs' tags and replace them with Vatos Locos gang tags which would get changed back every night by the neighborhood gang so we would have to put up new Vatos Locos gangsta tags every day. One of my main jobs was to watch for and remove or camouflage anything that didn't belong in the period that the gangster movie was to have taken place; I had a full cube-van set dressing to make this happen. There was no propmaster on the second unit so I had all the gangster props like temporary tattoos, weapons like knives and guns, and drug paraphernalia like cigarette papers and dope pipes.

The most exciting part of the movie was the drive by shooting. Some gang members drove by an alley where the whole crew had just had dinner and sprayed bullets. This was a big surprise but the bigger surprise was the gun shots rang out most of the crew members produced weapons and readied to return fire. Not only was I the only without a tattoo I seemed to be one of the few without real bullets for my weapon (all my weapons were movie props and all my bullets were blanks). Luckily most of the film crew had finished dinner and left the alley, the gangsters who were shooting down the alley winged one of the cooks in the arm and were gone before anybody could return fire.

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